n Pope Francis' encyclical today he called for strong action on climate change, advocated for phasing out toxics, and embraced zero waste alternatives to a throwaway culture.

Consulta :http://www.no-burn.org/pope-francis-gives-environmental-justice-advocate.... He warned that “the Earth, our home, seems to turn more and more into a huge garbage dump” and calls for bold solutions that are rooted in our “deepest convictions about love, justice, and peace."  This December, as world leaders gather in Paris for a climate change conference, we call on them to follow the Pope's lead and support zero waste pathways to climate and environmental justice.   All around the world, people are showing that an alternative exists to the "dig, burn, dump" economy. Recycling worker cooperatives and community gardens are replacing landfills and incinerators in neighborhoods overburdened by toxic pollution and climate change. Hundreds of cities are adopting zero waste goals with strong worker and community involvement. Bans on throaway products are popping up in every corner of the world, and more and more people are choosing to live simply and reduce their footprint on the earth. Pope Francis is calling for a better way of doing things, and GAIA members around the world are showing that this better way won't take a miracle—it's already here. This year at the Paris Conference of Parties, governments have the opportunity to support these solutions and protect the climate, public health, and justice, through zero waste. In recent years, Pope Francis has supported zero waste and the rights of recycling workers around the world. He has worked with members of the Excluded Workers Movement, a grassroots cooperative of cartoneros from Argentina, and praised them for their important work. He invited a member of KKPKP, a wastepicker union in India, to the vatican for a people's movement event. This winter, he visited the Philippines and adovcated for and end to a throwaway society alongside climate action.  We join the Pope in taking a stand for justice. As Pope Francis said, "the warming caused by huge consumption on the part of some rich countries has repercussions in the poorest areas of the world." At the same time, he states that pollution, waste, and a throwaway culture affect "the excluded just as they reduce things to rubbish."  We thank the Pope for his committment to zero waste pathways to climate and environmental justice, and we call on the governments of the world to do the same.  In solidarity, The GAIA Team  P.S. Please amplify the call for justice and share the petition on facebook!

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